• Vojislav Radosavljevic

Exercise Doesn't Help You Lose Much Weight?

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Do you exercise regularly? Well done! It’s one of the most important healthy habits in life. Now, you wonder why is that not helping you much in losing weight?

Well, there are many answers to that which depend on several factors, such as: your bio-individuality, lifestyle, diet, health condition etc.

Our body is a lot more complex than simply burning calories. In addition to that, excessive exercise combined with stress from other factors can cause a serious bodily damage. Increased Cortisol (stress hormone) level might even make you gain weight. So, in order for you to lose weight and bring your body back in balance, some crucial systematic changes have to be made.

I base my work with people, whose goal is weight loss, on several factors:

-Hormonal balance

-Microbiome Restore

-Clean Eating

-Autoimmunity Prevention

-Physical Activity

Don’t let anybody tell you it’s because of your genes and you cannot do anything about it. Genetics play a role in our overall health, but it’s only a weak link in the chain we call “body”. The chain that doesn’t necessarily need to be broken, but it surely will if you pull it hard enough.

I can help you locate the root cause of the weight gain and reverse the symptoms – sustainably. In addition to that there are many other health benefits that will change your life forever.

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